Trash or Treasure

The old aphorism, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” seems to apply to most scratch-building wargamers, or at least to me. Whenever the Amazon delivery truck pays a visit, I’m always excited to see the contents of the boxes received, but not in the way you might expect. What I look for in particular are the molded pulp inserts used to secure the contents, which come in all kinds of interesting shapes and sizes.. At one point, it occurred to me they looked like the kind of buildings you’d expect to see in a Mars Colony or some alien planet and can be made to work in almost any scale. So I started collecting them.

This Christmas was very good to me in terms of new additions, so just for fun, I pulled them out this weekend and set up my table. Here are the results for your amusement.

Here Lord Vader leads an Imperial strike force into a Resistance base on D’qar. Everything is strangely quiet.

Luke and Han and a rag-tag group of Alliance troopers lie in wait, ready to spring their trap.

Here you can see the whole layout.

Again, nothing fancy, but they do the job and the shapes evoke the desired setting. If I was serious about it, I could base, paint and detail the buildings. But with a little imagination, these work just fine. Particularly for someone whose first wargames were played on the floor with books for hills and Lincoln log buildings.

Just another reminder to look at everything with a creative eye when planning a gaming table layout that won’t break the bank.

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