Another Bridge to Cross

I was working on a jungle terrain project recently and needed some basing material, and came across a 30 pack of 6×8 inch MDF sheets for about $17 on Amazon. Not quite as thick as the MDF or plywood used in building kits, but hard and rigid and just thin enough to be able to cut it with a sharp craft knife with a couple of passes. Great for all kinds of scratch-building applications. Once I had finished cutting out my jungle foliage bases, I had a good pile of scrap MDF left over.

I contemplated tossing the scrap in the bin, but like any good scratch-builder, I pondered my options. Ruined buildings? Some sort of weird futuristic pillars? My thoughts turned to what I actually needed for my gaming table…and a small stone bridge suitable for 6mm/15mm figures immediately came to mind.

From there it was easy. I picked out two pieces of the MDF scrap the looked like the right size, did some measuring, and cut them to matching shape to serve as the sides. Used three spare 40mm square wooden bases to glue between them to form the road bed. Beveled the edges of the bases so that the transitions would be smooth. Cut out and glued on cereal board stone shapes, Added wooden coffee stirrers to the roadbed to carry the wagon wheels and then filled in with coarse grit. Mixed up some Scuptamould and splodged it on at the ends to hide the edges. Painted with craft paints, spot flocked the greenage, glued on pebbles and covered the water in a thick coat of ModgePodge to give it a sheen. Here is the final result:

Using wargaming bases to create the roadbed had the advantage of ensuring the final product was wide enough to put a figure base on.

I should mention the project took me portions of three days…one day to cut and glue the form, another to add fill and flock, and a third to paint and seal. Another project that I could knock out with 20-30 minutes here or there to a wargames table standard. And a good example of turning trash to treasure if you would. I hope it inspires your creativity.

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