The Miniature Wargamer’s Quandary

One of the reasons that I decided to retire as Imperator of Fanaticus was that maintaining the site was consuming almost all of the scarce time and energy available to pursue my hobby interests.  And as most of that time was spent policing spammers and providing user support, it had frankly become a bit of a grind.

Whereas the decision to suspend Fanaticus gave me a new found sense of freedom, it also almost immediately introduced me to a paralyzing quandary.   What do I do next?

The quandary wasn’t for lack of ideas.  I have a number of wargaming interests that had been accumulating dust. And the constant flood of new games, rules and figures had kept me on the edge of constant temptation.

Frostgrave is a good example of the latter.  I have already plotted out hundreds of dollars of tabletop terrain and figure purchases, but alas, can’t find anyone interested in playing.

quandry2Having someone to game with is important. My next door neighbor is intrigued by 1:1 scale microarmor…and these new Hell Hath No Fury rules from Two Hour Wargames, with their RPG-style campaign rules, seem like just the ticket.  Still trying to find the time when our schedules align to try a game.

quandry1The American Revolution and especially the southern theatre of the war had attracted my attention, and I have a large figure order out for painting…all but these lonely grenadiers who neglected to make the packet.  Wonder how long it will take me to paint them  😉

quandry3My neighbor’s teenage kids were into roleplaying and I had pitched them on running some adventures in a Sci-Fi setting.

Got some primer on the miniatures…but soccer practice and college put a damper on my plans.

I also started collecting lead for a Lion Rampant medieval Scottish retinue…but Ebob Miniatures’ silence (and apparent demise) has left me in flux.

And I can’t forget all those figures languishing in storage containers and boxes…waiting patiently for the light of day.


My poor neglected 15mm ACW armies regularly cry out for me to finish a home-brewed update of the classic 70s Rally Round the Flag rules.

And the new rulesets just keep on coming.


Too many interests.

Too many options.

Too little time.

Alas…this wargamer’s quandary.





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