Dwelling on the Desert

It seems I never have more than a few minutes here and there to invest in my hobby, and so focus on small projects that I hope one day I’ll be able to put on the table. Most of them seem to involve gluing trees to bases these days, but here is one that I was happy with and worth sharing. Its one of those “timeless” middle-eastern style buildings that can work from the Bronze Age through to modern times. I used figures from my Hurrian (Bronze Age) and Afghan (2d Afghan War) armies to show the time versatility, but my goal is to use it as a camp element for a future Sumerian army.

Here is the reverse angle.

The casting is Peter Pig’s Desert Dwelling #1. The palm trees are from an amazing bag of “Miniature Palm Trees for Dioramas, Models, Crafts” I bought on Amazon (38 assorted palm trees of different sizes and types, suitable for 32mm down to 10/15mm gaming). The bush is clipped from a plastic aquarium plant. The base is a plywood “Oval Wood Shape” purchased from a craft store..

Painted with Krylon gloss khaki primer and craft paint for details and Testor’s Dullkote to cut the gloss. Ground cover is my house blend of Woodland Scenic’s ballast and clay kitty litter.

Hope you enjoy.

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