Lamh-laidir aboo!

One of my favorite historical settings for miniature gaming are the British Isles from the post-Roman period to the early medieval. I’ve collected mounds of lead from Essex, Thistle & Rose, Feudal Castings, Old Glory, Khurasan and others to build DBA armies for various period lists.

When Baueda did their Dark Ages kickstarter, I signed on to sponsor with the expectation that their proposed Norse Irish range would form the core of a DBA Norse Irish army circa the Battle of Clontarf (1014 AD). Then came Triumph! and I had to field nearly double the number of elements to have all options, so there was a period of careful acquisition to fill in the gaps including more bonnacht elements and new elements of Marchslaug bad horse. I carefully organized the pile of lead into my long anticipated army of Brian Boru and shipped it off to Paul Potter, who brought it to life.

I am extraordinary pleased with Paul’s work on this, and even happier to be able to share it with you. I also promised Paul he could visit them from time to time on-line as an inducement to let them go. So here are the results of Paul’s brushwork:

The army of Brian Boru arrayed before Clontarf, while his faithless ally Máel Sechnail and his Munsterman stand aloof and out of frame.

The elderly Irish King and his entourage gather
on high ground to watch the battle unfold (CAMP ELEMENT)

Prince Murchad and the Irish Bonnachts arrayed for battle.

The Rising of the Kerns let fly a rain of javelins.

Brian’s Ostman Allies and his Sons of Death (The Dibergaiche)
prepared for close action.

Skirmishing Kern harass the enemy with their javelins and bows.

The Aftermath: The Battle Won, The King is Dead, and Heads Will Roll.

This is an alternate CAMP ELEMENT whose subject matter is designed to invoke fear and apprehension amongst my future opponents.

There are a few more Rabble and Skirmisher elements than are needed for the Triumph! Norse Irish list, but the extras along with a few Battle-Taxis borrowed from other armies will allow me to morph this army into a Scots-Irish list if and when opportunities present.

P.S. The title of this essay — Lamhlaidir aboo (or abu) — is the war cry of the O’Briens, the descendants of king Brian Boru, and means ‘the strong hand’.

Photo Credits: Paul Potter.

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