The Irresolute Gamer

Not much gaming going on here of late apart from an evening of Triumph! with friends back at the end of February.   Plenty of time to focus on projects and one of my favorite activities…planning the acquisition of new armies.  However, I’m not like those miniature gamers whom I greatly admire that can immerse themselves in a big project, such as knocking out a 500 figure army in short order.  I find I am irresolute about projects and end up jumping from one to the next, often without making significant progress at any setting.   To illustrate, here is a quick survey of current projects occupying my attention:

First up,…terrain acquisition (mostly from Ebay) of rock outcoppings for a future The Men Who Would Be Kings game on the Northwest Frontier.  Lots of places needed for the Pashtun tribemen to lie in wait before springing an ambush on poor Lt. Brant and his thin red line.

Another future project is a World War II skirmish for which I purchased this pre-painted European farmhouse MDF kit (and barn kit) from 4Ground.  Thought buying pre-painted would speed things up…but what you see is the work in progress after several glue-up and wait to dry sessions over the past thirty days.  When I finish this project, I have a much more complicated MDF desert fortress kit to put together to go with the TMWWBK project mentioned above, and then a post-Apocalyptic diner kit.

A third future project is my foray into 1/600 ACW ironclads.  Still evaluating rules, but here is the start of my Union and Reb fleets featuring cleaned and primed miniatures from Brown Water Navy and Infernal Machines (four on the left) and Thoroughbred (three on the right). Need more ships.  Need bases for the ships.  Need to paint them.  Need to find a set of rules I like (currently looking at Buck Surdu’s Beer and Pretzels Ironclads).  Maybe this Fall.

As a fourth project, I’ve watched several videos by gamers on road-making using acrylic caulk.  Occurred to me that burlap “wedding ribbon” would make a good substrate for a caulk-based road…acting like rebar in cement to give it some strength and resiliency again pulls and tears.  So I bought some burlap ribbon, which comes in various widths and lengths, and can be purchased very cheaply on Amazon.  No idea when I’ll start creating the roadwork though.

Lastly, an easy project awaiting my attention, flocking the bases of 15 elements of Old Glory Franks/Later Germans purchased on Ebay to match and extend my Early Vandal DBA army for Triumph! Trouble is, I can’t find my early Vandal army and fear I have loaned it out for use in a convention demo-game.  I did a special Fall color flocking technique on my Vandal bases, and don’t want to finish the new ones without having the existing bases handy as a visual reference.

Dare say I’ve also acquired lead (mostly Baueda) for a morphable Ligurian/Massilian Triumph! army, which is nicely sorted and awaiting a decision on painting.  Buying this army was like doing a home improvement project.  Instead of buying all the lead in one purchase, it was a number of smaller purchases from different sources of Bauda Miniatures in order to get the particular packs I wanted.  Sort of like the proverbial three or more trips to the hardware store that is typical of any home improvement project around my homestead.

I’m not going to bother with progress reports on any of these projects, as none have firm completion dates in mind.   Maybe a “how to” article on the roads if/when I get to it.  But one thing I can be sure of, there will be five or six new projects stacked up to distract my attention by June or July.








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