Review: 4Ground Wooden Rail Fencing (15mm)

Not much going on lately hobby-wise in my household, but I did acquire and assemble a packet of 4Ground 15mm laser cut wooden fencing procured on Ebay from Noble Night Games that I hope to use to create corrals and the like for my Wide West gaming set-up, and thought I would pump out a quick review.

First of all, the product, which includes 20x 60mm and 12x 30mm fence sections covering 1.5 meters in total length, was fairly modestly priced at around $20 including shipping and handling, although Ebay’s “buy now” pricing for this product seems to vary slightly with each listing.

All the pieces for punch out were contained on two MDF sheets and were accompanied by clear instructions.

Assembly is super easy and involves dabbing some PVA glue on the peg ends of posts in each fence section and inserting them into the corresponding slots on an appropriate sized base board.

The only thing that required any finesse was using a craft knife to cut the tiny connector on the fence rail sections and matching the gate fence sections to their specially slotted bases.

Once I had everything punched out, assembly of all 32 fence sections took me a grand total of 10 minutes.

The MDF bases can also be finished with flocking or other appropriate terrain covering, although you will want to apply it thinly to avoid obscuring the bottom rail of the fence.  One nifty feature of the fence sections is that the bases are notched at the corners so that  each section can be aligned at a right angle to another section without leaving a gap.

Overall, I’m happy with my new fences, but should point out that they are probably best described as “true 15s” in height and look smallish in today’s world of expanded figure scales.  This picture with 18mm AB British Napoleonic regulars in line behind the fence illustrates the point; as you can see the top rail falls just below their waist belts despite the Brits being on bases of similar height to the fence bases.

I’ve also tried my hands at scratch-building three rail fences using craft sticks and wooden coffee stirrers on balsa wood bases, and have been very satisfied with the results, which I’ll feature in some future posting.  However, it typically takes me the same amount of time to turn out one 60mm scratch-built fence section using fiddly pieces and risking injury from a sharp knife, as it takes to assemble 1.5 meters of wooden rail fencing using the 4Ground kit.  From that standpoint, the convenience of the kit is outstanding.




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