pour encourager les autres


A bit of history here.  At Historicon 2013 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Terence McPartland and I ran The Age of Arthur: An Introduction to DBA, a walk-up gaming event designed to introduce wargamers to the DBA rules, and in particular the 2.2+ version currently in use by our WADBAG club.  The event description read:

It is the Age of Arthur and Vortigern and the fate of Romano-Celtic Britain hangs in the balance. Take on the role of a British dux bellorum, Saxon warchief or Pictish toisech. With each victory and defeat, you can change the map of Britain. This is a walk-up gaming opportunity designed to introduce players to the fast-play 2.2+ version of De Bellis Antiquitatis ancient and medieval rules. Play one game or play a dozen. DBA tutors on hand to help introduce you to the game, teach and answer questions. Experienced players also welcome. Can you rally the Britains to hold back the barbarian hordes? Or will the Saxon warbands of Horst and Hengist (and the Picts in the North) overthrow kings and carve out new lands to rule? Participants are eligible for raffle prizes including Splintered Light Miniatures’ Saxon and Sub-Roman DBA army packs.


Here is a shot of the unique “puzzle” map of Britain we used to record the results of each battle and keep track of the course of the campaign as the gamers came and went.   Kudos to David Kuijt, who conceived and created it, and to my partner in crime Terence McPartland (below, bottom left), who was still going strong at the end of the day as I remembered to snap a few pictures.


During the almost ten hours (two extended shifts) we were “open”, we were swamped with gamers young and old…and wouldn’t have made it without assistance from a number of WADBAG confederates.  In fact, I was so busy, I didn’t even notice when the HMGS-East Representative put a trophy on our table – the HMGS Pours Encourager Les Autres Award, which was given to us for excellence in promoting the hobby at the 2013 Historicon convention.  Definitely a proud moment.


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